Get to Know the Stargazer

I find when I am gazing upon the vast number of stars in the sky that I can’t stop the cascading torrent of thoughts flicking through my brain. There is peace in those clear starry nights that cannot be replicated anywhere else.   I find myself in those star strewn nights.

If you do not already know who I am then let me indulge you for a moment. I am a young women of the age of 25. I am a small town California girl. I reside in Seattle, WA in an intentional community.  No matter where I move to Seattle seems to always be the place I come ‘home’ to. I believe in the importance of expressing yourself and the impact others stories and thoughts can have on one’s life, as so many have had on mine.  These are a collection of my adventures around the world, poems from the soul, and random thoughts that pass through.

Where I am at in life:  I am a recent graduate with a BS in Environmental science, with the dream of living life season by season loving people. My day job is working with special needs kids as a paraprofessional and also as a rock climbing instructor.  I love God, travel, spontaneous adventure, community building, being outdoors doing basically anything, boards game, spontaneous drum circles, birds, gardening, reading, art, music, laughing lots and telling cheesy jokes, and most of all the company of good people. I do not pretend to know everything, and know I am light years from ever knowing even most things, but am constantly on the search for new information and knowledge, opinions, and thoughts so I may grow into the likeness of Christ more each day.  My desire is to empower people to heal from their brokenness and become more of the people they have been created to be through outdoor adventure, art, writing, and just being fully me.


1 thought on “Get to Know the Stargazer

  1. This is just a glimpse of who you are, Majical Princess 🦄…
    but it is a good glimpse. I am so happy to have had the short, yet profound time I had together with you. From the instant we met, I knew you were someone special. I loved the way you simply dove into my life~ immediately and without the slightest bit of self-conscienceness or pretense. You walked in–and there you were. Only an hour or so after meeting you, you suddenly asked me, “would you like to hear one of my ‘Spoken Words’?” I said sure. And you
    stood up and delivered an amazing 20 minute long poem filled with gorgeous metaphors and twinkling words strung together with gossamer thread. I thought,
    “Well, there she is!”
    🕸🌹❄️💫🍓… 🐚🐝…. 💞🐬

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